Architect: Kentaro YAGI

建築家 八木健太郎


Kentaro Yagi is an associate professor of design at Hiroshima University. He studied art and architecture in Kobe, Seattle and Rome. He was honored with a Good Design Award in 2018. He has worked on Kosagijima Bio-Isle Project and Momoshima Master Plan as a project architect for Yanagi + Art Base.



About Gallery HAKUTAI

 すみや亀峰菴の新しいロビー -ギャラリー百代- では、柳幸典の作品世界を空間に写しとりながら、伝統ある温泉旅館の顔となる空間として、これまで積み重ねてきた歴史の中で受け継がれてきた素材と、新たに加わった素材が響き合う、現代美術作品としての洗練された空間づくりを目指した。




The new lobby of Sumiya Kiho-an spa resort, Gallery Hakutai, welcomes guests in a space inspired by the artwork of Yukinori Yanagi. Guests will encounter a series of scenes filled with a sense of art unfold one after another.

This renovation project harmonizes the treasured materials inherited from the old lobby with carefully selected materials created by skilled craftsmen; clay walls by Akira Kusumi, ceramics by Naoto Ishii, Japanese paper by Wataru Hatano, phosphated galvanized steel, weathering steel, and ceramic tiles. Although all of these materials are created with a high degree of craftsmanship, at the same time, they cannot be completely controlled by the human hand, which is representing the distinctive feature of Yanagi’s artworks.

Gallery Hakutai is not only a space to exhibit works of art, but a place to experience the artistic concept of Yukinori Yanagi.

Major Projects

    • 島まちづくり構想
    • 小鷺島ビオアイル計画 集落再生プロジェクトBH-2
    • 小鷺島ビオアイル計画 集落再生プロジェクトBH-1
    • 東広島イノベーションラボミライノ+
    • プレカット階段 NeeSe グッドデザイン賞