癒し空間のはじまりを現代アート作家 柳幸典による、旅館×現代アートの全く新しい形にリノベーション。京都 湯の花温泉の旅館「すみや亀峰菴」ギャラリー百代 はくたい。李白の詩の序文 「それ天地は万物の逆旅にして光陰は百代の過各なり」李白より 名付けた ギャラリー「百代(はくたい)」は、現代アートと伝統の技が織りなす稀有な空間

Gallery Hakutai at Sumiya Kiho-an is a new exhibition space envisioned and designed by artist Yukinori Yanagi. Named after Li Bai’s poem, Hakutai interweaves contemporary art with the beauty of traditional Japanese craftsmanship.


Kyoto Art Gallery Hakutai site opened.

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柳 幸典|Yukinori Yanagi

日本初公開となる柳のパシフィック・シリーズ 新作《Nagato70・Ⅰ-Ⅱ》は、戦艦長門のプラモデルのパーツを100倍に拡大し、鉄の鋳物として制作した立体作品。ビキニ環礁に沈む実物の長門を自ら撮影した写真作品《Nagato Blue – (propeller)》展示。


Being exhibited for the first time, Yanagi’s Nagato 70 I-II is a cast iron installation created from a blown-up plastic model kit of the battleship. Accompanying it on an adjacent wall is Nagato Blue (Propeller), a photograph taken by the artist of the sunken battleship sitting in its final resting place below Bikini Atoll. We hope the visitors will appreciate the contrasting elements of this space – small boats being tossed about in rough waves, the remains of modern history resting on the ocean floor, and the five iron passageways that lead to and from the lobby.


Gallery 百代
柳 幸典

すみや亀峰菴での構想は、日本美術の偶像とも言える葛飾北斎の神奈川沖浪裏を砂絵で作り、小さな蟻がその砂絵を穿っていく作品 – Study for Japanese Art – Hokusai – を御本尊とするところから空間作りが始まった。富士山を飲み込むほどの大波に出向かえられた旅人が次に誘(いざな)われるのは五つに分解された鉄の隧道が配された空間である。それぞれが内と外の橋渡しをするように配置されている。


– 天地は万物の旅宿であり、時の流れは永遠の旅人のようなもの –

– 人生は儚い夢のようで、喜び楽しむ時間も限られている –

神奈川沖浪裏の怒涛に翻弄される小舟は、まさしくその様な人生を象徴しているように思える。時代の荒波に翻弄される儚い人の生ではあるが、だからこそ「古人燭を秉りて夜遊ぶ、良に以有るなり」 昔の人が蝋燭に火を灯して夜中まで遊んだのはもっともだと李白が言うように、すみや亀峰菴「百代」を訪れた旅人が人生の一瞬を喜び楽しんで頂けたとしたら、私および協働した京都の職人、陶芸家、YANAGI+ART BASE設計チームを始め創造に関わった関係者のこの上ない喜びである

– Study for Japanese Art – Hokusai –
– Study for Japanese Art – Hokusai –


Gallery Hakutai
For the eternal travelers
Director: Yukinori YANAGI

When I first envisioned Sumiya Kiho-an I began by placing my work, Study for Japanese Art – Hokusai-, as the centerpiece of the whole concept. It is a painting made of sand recreating the iconic image from The Great Wave off Kanagawa by Hokusai Katsushika which is then tunneled through by a colony of ants. After travelers to the hotel are greeted by the great wave swallowing Mount Fuji they are led to five iron tunnels, each set to function as a bridge, connecting one space to another.

I call this lobby / gallery “Hakutai” (Hundreds of generations) in reference to the eternal travelers of Li Bai’s poem “The Spring Evening Banquet in the Peach and Pear Blossom Garden”:

The universe is a temporary inn for all sentient beings. 
Time is a transit visitor over the span of one hundred generations. 
This drifting life is like a dream. There is too little time to enjoy the pleasures of living.
Thus, it was quite appropriate for ancient people to, with candlelight in hand, roam at night.  
(trans. Edward C Chang) 

This small boat traveling through the rough waves of Kanagawa is a perfect representation of this expression – we all live fragile lives tossed around by the waves of time. Thus, as Li Bai said “…it was quite appropriate for ancient people to, with candlelight in hand, roam at night”. 

If the visitors to Hakutai are able to find here a momentary joy it would be to the pleasure of everyone involved in realizing this project, including the craftsmen, potter and our team at Yanagi + Art Base architecture team.


Gallery 百代の完成に寄せて








すみや亀峰菴 菴主

Welcome to Gallery Hakutai

Our inn offers an extraordinary experience for you to disconnect from reality.

With Gallery Hakutai, we aim to rediscover and illuminate the artistic elements of a traditional ryokan by incorporating contemporary art into this familiar setting. The traditional skills of the master craftsmen seen here are used to blend together the different elements and eras.

Designed and curated by Yukinori Yanagi, the space of Gallery Hakutai offers a unique way to experience contemporary art. Featuring artworks by Yanagi intertwined with the work of traditional artisans, we show how a ryokan can play a role in introducing art to new audiences.

This project has further fueled our passion to be an instrument of the arts. We aim to continue showcasing how a ryokan can be a space for artists to display work in new and more natural ways.

We continue to imagine an ideal form of ryokan, aiming to inspire others.

April 2020

Sumiya Kiho-an


Craftsmen in collaboration

 日本の文化や伝統を受け継ぎ『 和 』の作品や空間をつくってきた職人たち。ギャラリー百代では、現代アートとの融合において彼らが触媒として大きな役割を果たしました。古来から伝わる技に新しい息吹が吹き込まれ、未来へ美しき良きものを残す。本物の職人たちに支えられ、伝統の新たな魅せ場を演出する空間となりました。

For this project, they have come to play important roles as catalysts – integrating their crafts with contemporary art. It brings a breath of fresh air, we are delighted to introduce a new form of suite at a ryokan.